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It is only through the generous financial support of our volunteers, partners and individual donors that we can continue to work to end littering in Nassau County. Your donation will help improve recycling efforts, increase education outreach initiatives, and beautify our beaches, waterways, parks and roadways. Please consider making a small donation today.


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Help keep Nassau beautiful

Keep Nassau Beautiful is working to make every beach, park, playground and public space a clean and safe area for our community. We invite you to help us make Nassau County a green and beautiful place to live.

Report Littering

Help Keep Nassau Beautiful! To Report Litter and/or Illegal Dumping on State Roadsides call 1-800-BAN-LITTer or 1-800-226-5488. For non-state roads, call the Nassau County Road Department at (904) 530-6175 (weekdays only, 7:30 am-4:00 pm).

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Become a Volunteer

To become a KNB volunteer, please contact Keep Nassau Beautiful at or call (904) 261-0165 and help make a difference within our community. Thank you!

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Recycle and Waste Disposal

Did you know?
75% of the trash Americans throw
away each week is recyclable?