Metal Containers


Aluminum Foil Containers & Wrap, Metal Bottle Caps & Lids, Metal Cans, Tin Containers



Metal, aluminum and Steel containers, lids and wrap may be recycled when they are empty, clean and dry. Place them in the appropriate recycle bin.

When in doubt, throw it out.

Place household items that are not hazardous or recyclable in the garbage. 


Other Information

Wanna help cats & the earth? We do & you can help with us!!

We have recycle bins on our property where you can bring your empty aluminum cat food cans to recycle and a bin just for beverage cans. This helps us fund our spay/neuter program & more. No donation is too small. Check your labels on the cans if you not sure they are aluminum. We can’t take 9lives cans because they are made of steel.We are located at 709 S. 8th st. Cans can be deposited into bins anytime the gates are open. Our operational hours are 11am to 5pm Monday- Friday. 10a – 5p on Saturday & closed Sunday.