Hand Sanitizer


From the United States Environmental Protection Agency —

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is ignitable and should be managed and disposed of safely. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer when disposed of at a residence or household would be considered household hazardous waste. Although household hazardous waste is exempt from regulation under federal hazardous waste regulations, hand sanitizer should never be disposed of down the drain (even in a house). Ignitable materials, such as alcohol-based hand sanitizer, can be very dangerous when poured down the drain. The liquid and vapors in water pipes and sewer systems can cause fires and explosions.

An empty container of hand sanitizer may be placed in a curbside recycling bin if the container meets local guidelines for recycling, otherwise, dispose of the container with garbage collection. If hand sanitizer remains in the container, EPA recommends that households not put the hand sanitizer in the regular household trash. Instead, EPA recommends that household hand sanitizer waste be brought to a household hazardous waste drop-off location or event for proper management.


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