Adhesive Tapes, Balloons, Brita Filters, Chewing Gum, Chopsticks, Popsicle Sticks & Tooth Picks, Cigarette & Cigar Butts, Cleaning Supplies, Compostable Bags & Liners, Credit & Gift Cards, Disposable Paper Cups, Dryer Lint, Dryer Sheets & Cleaning Cloths, Election Signs, Empty Disposable Lighters, Empty Metal Paint Cans, Florist Foam, Food & Beverage Pouches, Food-Grade Wax, Frozen Food Boxes, Furnace Filters, Fuses, Glow Sticks, Grooming Products, Hair & Nail clippings Keurig Coffee Pods, Make-up & Cosmetics, Matches & Matchsticks, Meat Tray Pads, Medical & First Aid Supplies, Mesh Bags Mirrors, Nespresso Coffee Capsules, Non Electric Air Fresheners, Office Supplies & Accessories, Oral Health Products, Padded & Plastic Envelopes, Painting Tools & Supplies, Paper Coffee Cups, Paper Ice Cream Containers, Personal Hygiene Products, Photographs, Plastic Bottle Caps, Plastic Cutlery, Plastic Meat Tray, Plastic Paint Cans, Plastic Plates, Prescription Medicine Bottles, Rock Salt, Sharp Objects & Broken Glass, Silica Gel Packets, Snack Food Bags & Wrappers, Tassimo Coffee Discs, Thermal Paper, Twist Ties & Plastic Clips, Umbrellas, Used Fireworks & Flares, Used Shotgun Shells, Vacuum Cleaner Contents, Wallpaper, Windshield Wiper Blades, Wine Corks – All Types, Wood Clementine Boxes, Writing & Drawing Devices



Place household items that are not hazardous or recyclable in the garbage. Put broken glass and other sharp objects in a cardboard box or wrap in newspaper to avoid injuries to yourself, pedestrians and collection staff. Items should be dry and free of liquid contaminants prior to placing in the garbage.