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Fluorescent bulbs and tubes, Light Bulbs


Special Items

With the exception of compact fluorescent bulbs and tubes, and ballasts, all other light bulbs can be disposed of in the trash bin.  

Compact fluorescent bulbs and tubes contain a small amount of mercury (about enough to fit on the tip of a ballpoint pen) and should be properly disposed of.

Some retailers offer a ‘Take Back’ recycling program for intact fluorescent bulbs and tubes. Call first to confirm if a program is offered.

A small number of fluorescent tubes (household use only) may be taken to the Callahan Convenience Recycling Center located at 46026 Landfill Rd Callahan FL 32011. Approved items are FREE of charge to Nassau County Residents. No Commercial, Rental Property, or Foreclosure Clean-Outs will be accepted.  We recommend fluorescent tubes, in quantities less than 4, be carefully taped together to prevent breakage. Do not throw them in the bin – carefully place them in the Bin to avoid explosion and potential harm.

Fluorescent bulbs, tubes, and ballasts may be disposed of during a Household Hazardous Waste Collection event. For notification of events, Signup for the Keep Nassau Beautiful newsletter, www.keepnassaubeautiful.org.