Corrugated Cardboard


Corrugated Cardboard Boxes, Shoe Boxes



Corrugated cardboard may be accepted by your recycling hauler if it fits within the recycling bin. Boxes should be flattened and cut into pieces no larger than 2′ by 3′. Corrugated cardboard is accepted at all Nassau County Recycle Centers. Do not place these items in the recycled paper collection bins.

Corrugated cardboard can be disposed of at the Callahan Convenience Recycling Center located at 46026 Landfill Rd Callahan FL 32011. Approved items are FREE of charge to Nassau County Residents. No Rental Property or Foreclosure Clean-Outs.

WestRock accepts clean and dry corrugated cardboard boxes in a bin located at their office building, 1200 Franklin Street in Fernandina Beach.

Fernandina Beach City Residents: Corrugated cardboard may be disposed of at the Fernandina Beach Recycle Center. Waste Management accepts corrugated cardboard when it is placed inside the recycle bin.

Town of Callahan Residents: Meridian Waste accepts Corrugated cardboard in the recycle bin. Flattened and in pieces no larger than 2′ by 3′.


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