Wild Amelia, now proudly a program of Keep Nassau Beautiful, originally began in 2007 by a group of volunteers joined together by the goal of protecting the natural habitat remaining on Amelia Island and in Nassau County, Florida.

The original mission of promoting a conservation effort for our unique and fragile ecosystem continues as a program of Keep Nassau Beautiful. 

We develop and present free nature education programs to the public. Our year-round programs are designed to develop an educated awareness of, and a strong conservation ethic for, the fauna and flora of the fragile ecosystem of our area.

“For most of the wild things on Earth, the future must depend on the conscience of mankind.”
Archie Carr

Our Educational Programs

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Wild Nites is a monthly nature lecture series held September through May. Speakers are experts in their fields. Learn more.


Each year a different local animal species is chosen to be featured in our programs and on our tee shirts. This year it is the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.


The annual Wild Amelia Nature Festival is three days of ecotours, a large eco-expo and activities for children.