Wild Nites Introduces Joe Kistel – Nature Presentation

Event Details

Have you ever wondered what lies under the ocean surface just off the coast of Northeast Florida? In this discussion Joe Kistel intends to share insights and visuals he has collected during underwater explorations.  He will also describe how underwater habitats are important to the regional environment and coastal communities.

Joe Kistel is an award-winning visual media producer that specializes in underwater Florida cinematography.  His production projects focus on showcasing the significance of offshore seafloor habitats and the recreational opportunities they provide. He has been capturing imagery offshore northeast Florida for over a decade and has produced content for major networks including National Geographic and Discovery.  Kistel also created the documentary “Sunken Conservation” for the PBS television distribution.  He has authored and published the books “North Florida Reefs” and “Spike the Tugboat” (Children’s book). Current efforts include producing an awareness video series featuring the underwater world of St. Augustine for the UWSTAUG YouTube Channel.

Kistel is also the head of the marine conservation organization TISIRI and has been a lead coordinator for northeast Florida artificial reef creation projects and offshore conservation efforts.

Many thanks to Rayonier Advanced Materials for sponsoring Wild Nites.

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